Friday, 3 July 2009

Welcome to my Supermummy blog!

Hi! Welcome to the Supermummy blog!

I have decided to write this blog as I think most new twin mums, or mums-to-be, feel pretty much like I did when I was in their shoes - bloody terrified!
I knew almost nothing, had changed a nappy maybe once before and was having two babies at once - aaaaarrrrgh!
So, in short, the aim of this blog is to give you new mums of twins some friendly, easy to understand advice on how to cope with your new arrivals (with no confusing 'doctor speak', unless absolutely necessary!).
I will work my way through the obvious topics like sleeping, feeding, bathing etc, as well as some other advice that I would never have thought to read up on when I was pregnant, but needed when the babies arrived. I will also endeavour to keep it light and hopefully amusing too - there have been plenty of laughs along my Supermummy journey!
I hope you enjoy reading my experiences and that they are useful to you, don't forget to tell your friends to follow my blog too - there's plenty of advice for everyone!
The first topic will be twin pregnancy, by the way - I thought I'd start at the beginning!

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